• Sunday, August 25, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold inside-out – take a look at internals

The flexible Samsung device (Galaxy Fold) is a new generation device that has a smaller screen on the outside, but when opened up there a huge secondary display that bends.

This model was sent to several media outlets and individuals to show it to the public, and we can already see it torn apart.

Someone posted photographs of a disassembled Galaxy Fold on Weibo, according to which we see that folding takes place through a complicated mechanism consisting of five parts.

The mechanism is very precisely and intricately made, and while the phone was created, it changed its form several times. However, such precise technology could cause problems when replacing the screen.

According to the source it is not difficult to replace it, but the smaller screen on the outside may be troublesome and brake when removed. Samsung Galaxy Fold has already started showing its weaknesses, as in many cases a screen malfunction has been reported.

Between the two parts of the phone, there are a couple of stripline cables that connect different modules including the battery. When we are talking about the battery, there is one on each side, but they are not identical. Samsung it yet to announce the capacities of these batteries. At the moment they’re labeled with “Will Be Established”.

Source (weibo.com)