• Saturday, September 07, 2019

Study by Facebook tracks user data in exchange for money

Facebook is launching a new app that will track how users use their phones. In return, Facebook will pay users for the data. Study is a new marketing research app that will record broad usage behavior including your installed apps, usage times, location, device, and network.

Facebook claims that it will not misuse this metadata. They will use it to learn which apps the users are using with the goal of improving their own products. Privacy-wise, Facebook says it will not collect user content, passwords or messages and that the data will not reach third parties.

Facebook will run new target ads to recruit users. The ads will then prompt the person to verify their age and other personal details. Once Facebook confirms said information it will allow you to download the Study app and log in with your credentials.

During the setup process, the app will again show you all the data it collects and how it will be used. Participants will also need to provide their PayPal account which will be used for the financial compensation. There is still no information about how much exactly Facebook will be compensating.

Once users start using the app, Facebook will remind them from time to time that they are part of the Study program. Users will be able to leave the program no questions asked, by simply uninstalling the app and notifying Facebook that they cancel their participation.

Initially, Study will remain exclusive to Android users in the US and India. Facebook claims it will then add improvements over time and expand its reach to more countries.