• Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Buy mobile device images for 60 MOST POPULAR brands
for one-time only

Package contains front side images only standardized to 200x300 pixel.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Apple iPhone 7
Samsung Galaxy TAB PRO 12.2

Information about brands included in this package

We have 2 picture sizes (60x90 pixel and 200x300 pixel). In package you will receive 200x300 pixel pictures by default.Only one size is received within the package.
Image size: 200x300px
Image size: 100x150px
Image size: 80x120px
Image size: 60x90px
Image size: 40x60px

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It is very important for us to receive accurate and very detailed information, otherwise we will not allow the purchase. Please provide also your website address. Please do not use free email address like Gmail, Yahoo and others as we need business email address with your own domain. Thank you!

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If you need mobile device specifications instead:

Buy mobile device specs for 60 MOST POPULAR brands for 99€ one-time only

This package is not for personal use, but for business and internal use only. Sharing or integration into your products which you sell must be agreed individually. Please feel free to contact us with detailed description.