• Sunday, February 25, 2018

Leagoo Z1C review - The cheapest


Today in our test we have one of the cheapest devices on the market – the Leagoo Z1c. It is a compact phone with the most basic specifications – a 4” display.  The chassis is made of plastic, and the device is powered by a MediaTek chipset which is reserved for the lowest class devices. Inside the box, alongside the device itself, we can find: a Leagoo charging adapter, a microUSB cable, 3.5mm headphones, plastic protection case, and user manuals. It comes in several colors: Grey, White, Gold and Rose Gold.



Leagoo Z1c rocks a 4” LCD display. The resolution is low for today’s standards, since it’s the WVGA (800x480 pixels) resolution. Considering the diagonal, the sharpness of the screen shouldn’t be the biggest issue. Color reproduction is very unprecise, with very big changes in color when viewing angles are changed. Brightness is also poorly set, so the general impression about the display is only mediocre. The 4” diagonal itself is very impractical for use. We think that, in order to comfortably use a device, at least a 4.5” diagonal is necessary. It can show up to 16 million colors. Considering the price which is very low, the display is decent.

Hardware and OS

For the Z1c, much the same as most cheap device manufacturers nowadays, Leagoo used a MediaTek chipset. It is the MT6580M chipset. It is consisted of 4 ARM Cortex-A7 CPU cores and ARM Mali-400 MP2 dual core GPU. As we have said, a classic low class choice. It performed decently during everyday use in this Leagoo model, not perfectly fluidly, but it’s quite acceptable. A terrifying thing, however, is the result gained during opening any slightly more demanding application. Simply, the Z1c struggles when opening any modern game or a more demanding application, it starts overheating and performance drops are inevitable. We experienced a crash and a reboot even during the Subway Surfers game, which isn’t really one of the more demanding games. The lack of RAM memory is also a minus, because 512MB of RAM in 2017 is simply too little. We have 4GB of internal storage, but it is quite a bit used by the preinstalled Android v5.1.1 Lollipop firmware.


In the Z1c, Leagoo implemented a 3.2MP main camera, but it’s here more as a decoration. The camera interface is very slow, which makes the very shooting experience pretty bad. Photos made by the Leagoo Z1c are very poorly edited, with few details and washed up colors. Next to the camera there is a Dual-LED flash for low light shooting conditions, but the thing is that the Z1c shoots very bad photos even in conditions where light is abundant. It records HD videos which look very bad. The framerate is unstable, and it is noticeable that the resolution is achieved through software enhancements using a poor sensor – the results are horrible. The front facing camera has 2MP resolution, results are also very bad and they can barely satisfy even the social networks’ needs. It doesn’t support video recording.


This device supports 2G and 3G networks, however, 4G networks are not supported. Also, there’s a DualSIM slot which uses a microSIM and a miniSIM card. 3.5mm headphone port is there, and a microUSB port is used for charging and data transfer. Speaking of wireless connections, we have:
  • WiFi
  • BlueTooth 4.0
  • A-GPS


The battery is removable, and has a capacity of 1400 mAh. Considering the hardware which is rather weak, and the screen which is not too big, the Z1c performed well in terms of battery life. The device charges through a microUSB cable and an adapter which is present in the box, and for a full charge it takes around 2 hours. Of course, fast charging is light years away from the Leagoo Z1c.

Final words

The price of this phone indeed is very low, but as always, you get what you pay for. Cameras are almost useless. The display is OK, it has certain flaws but considering the price, those are completely justified. The package is pretty good, considering you get pretty much everything you need inside the box. There’s even a plastic case to protect and save your Leagoo Z1c. If a phone really means very little to you, and you use it only for the most basic functions – Leagoo Z1c will be a decent option. For everything else, our honest advice is to pass it by.

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