• Monday, July 22, 2024

Free wireless data transfer software – Android and iOS

How about a free software for wireless data transfer between your mobile device and your computer? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it is actually possible!
We are sure that all of you, entry and advanced users alike, have struggled to connect your smart or “feature phone” with your computer in order to transfer certain data. More advanced users don’t usually have an issue to find suitable cables (microUSB, miniUSB, Type-C), or even to supply their computers with suitable drivers (if the device remains as an “unknown device” in the “device manager”), but what do we do with other users, those who perhaps don’t know all of this, or simply don’t have enough time at their disposal to study everything? Android and iOS devices make the biggest chunk of the market, and today we’ll tell you about best free applications that provide easiest and fastest way of smartphone – computer communication – wirelessly!

We will present two applications in more detail, and we’ll focus on data transfer, as it is the most common of communication operations, and those two are: AirDroid and AirMore.
Both of these applications are available for both Android and iOS devices on the following links:

  1. AirDroid
The most famous application that does this is AirDroid, a software for free wireless data transfer, which has more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. It is also available for the iOS, and the design for both platforms is the same. The Android version of the application is v4.1.5.2, while the iOS version is 1.0.1. AirDroid has an interface available in multiple languages, which will make the device even simpler to use. We will take a closer look at the AirDroid Web mode, which can be accessed in two different ways: either by scanning the QR code that can be found of the AirDroid web site:

or by inserting the IP address that the program will pre-generate in the “search bar” of your browser:

The same thing goes for both platforms, Android and iOS.
After you’ve accessed the AirDroid Web mode using one of these two ways, you get to this user interface:

Within this user interface, several options are available. You can: send SMS, view all applications, view files as they are in folders, view all pictures and photos on the device, view all music and ringtones, view the call logs, view all contacts, record the screen of the device, launch the camera application and show the screen in a new window, locate the device and use the help and AirMirror. Next to all these functions, the AirDroid will also show all details of your device, such as: the exact name of the model, external and internal memory status, strength of the WiFi and mobile networks signal and the battery percentage.

Data transfer is done through WiFi network, and both the device and the computer that runs the AirDroid Web have to be connected to the same network. AirDroid also supports Drag’n’Drop which makes it a lot easier to do with the files whatever you want. Simply, you find what you want to send to your computer, mark it and drag it to wherever you need it! Same goes for file transfer in the opposite directions – from the computer to the smartphone. You can also access the external memory drive, the microSD card (you have to allow this in the Settings menu). All this is available with no need for other software (drivers) or USB cables! Just download the application and you’re good to go!

        2. AirMore

If for whatever reason you don’t find the AirDroid practical, or it simply doesn’t work on your device, a less known yet great alternative is at your disposal, and it is the AirMore. This application works exactly the same as the AirDroid, and it is also available on both platforms – Android and iOS. The iOS version is 1.5.9, while the Android version is 1.5.0. You can access the Web AirMore through scanning the QR code, just the same as with the AirDroid:

or by entering the IP address which you’ll have to manually generate in the “search bar” of your browser:

Both methods work on both Android and iOS devices.

The AirMore interface looks like this:

Available options within the AirMore are: photo transfer, music transfer, video transfer, viewing and adding contacts, managing SMS, viewing and managing applications, viewing documents and viewing the internal and external memory as they are in folders. After you connect your mobile device with your computer, the software will first show all basic information about the connected device.

File transfer is also done through the WiFi network, so the connected device and PC have to be connected to the same WiFi network. AirMore also supports Drag’n’Drop, file transfer, which makes file manipulation extremely easy. Just the same as the AirDroid, the AirMore also doesn’t require installation of any software (drivers).