• Monday, September 09, 2019

How to find the right smartphone?

Buying the right smartphone can be a pretty though work. You feel like you have so many options and it is so difficult to choose the right one. Well, there are many companies offering many devices and most of them look attractive and they are grabbing your attention. But, first you should try to think and see each one of them in it's own light. After that you can make the right decision.


First of all, you should ask yourself why do you need a smartphone? This will guide you to the right choice, this smartphone should suit your needs. Like everything else in the world, phones are different. They have different capabilities, looks, prices, downsides etc.

This leads us to the next step, where you should see what's important to check before you make a purchase. You should try to understand how does the smartphone work?

Today, we have just two smartphone operating systems that are worth considering: Android and iOS. The Android OS offers a variety in everything. There are many devices with this operating system, and these also have many options when it comes to the customization, price, performance and looks. These devices come with a Google's set of different apps as well as the perk of using the virtual assistant- Google Assistant which is becoming more & more popular.

The other one – Apple's iOS is more strict and simple. The experience of the usage is limited, comparing to the Android OS but it is more secure. But, when it comes to the accessories there is more choice as it has more to offer.

Next step, would be considering all specifications and features of the smartphone.

Most important of them are the operating system, performance, battery, camera, storage and appearance. When you are looking at the OS try to find the latest version. Currently, the latest is the Android 8.0 Oreo but the next one Android P is coming soon.  Some phones are very slow, their performance is bad. If you want to avoid this you should look at the phones processor and the RAM. Apple's A series chipset seems to be more effective. If you are up to the Android than try to find a device with a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845.

There are different thoughts about how much RAM you need in your smartphone, so  it would be normal (recommended) to use a smartphone with 4GB at least. Many people find the camera of the smartphone as the most imortant part so it is also good to know more about it before you buy your new device. Camera's megapixels are not the only measurement of its quality. The best way to check this is to test it in different light conditions if you are able to do so.

Next important part is the battery, because of course you don't want a device that will lose the power too fast. The battery life is affected by the software of the smartphone, its screen and resolution. If you want to be safe with this you should compare the battery capacity with these sides of the phone. The last but not least to consider is the appereance. Design is the package, you want your device to look good. Many are looking for a glass finish, and if you choose it too, be advised to clean it more and pay attention to it because it is prone to dust. This will keep it in a good looking state. Nice screen is also something that affects the appeareance, so maybe you want to consider a large screen with a high resolution.

When you are done with the phone's specifications you can check the final step. This one is the price of the device. Well, of course the first thing you are considering is the cost, you will choose some devices in your budget range. But at the end, when you are done with reviewing and measuring everything you can think about the cost. Maybe one of the phones will cross your budget a little but its quality will make up for it. The quality of the smartphone is something that will give you a better life span of the device so you will enjoy using it more.

After all this being said, you should be ready to know what you want & need so it will lead you to the right choice. Once you adapt this way of consideration it will be easier for you to make a choice and not regret it afterwards. It can be stressful but you should focus on the important and try not to be blinded by marketing and good looks. Having the latest, high-class, expensive device wont always end up as the right choice. Different people need different phones. Sometimes you need a phone which can follow your life and needs, it should adapt to different situations and be there to assist you doing your daily tasks.

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