• Thursday, May 23, 2019

After Galaxy Fold, Samsung works on two new flexible phone designs

Flexible phones, phones with bendable, foldable displays like the Galaxy Fold, Mate X and other similar upcoming phones by Motorola and Xiaomi caused a huge interest among consumers. In this phase of the flexible phone technology, the companies are still searching for the ideal design, which makes this ideal time for experimentation.

Although it's perhaps still too early to assess the demand for foldable smartphones, companies seem to be doing their best to ensure an advantage over competitors on time. According to sources, Samsung apparently works on two new designs which will go hand in hand with the new Galaxy Fold that should become commercially available in April.

One of two new designs should be similar to Huawei's Mate X which has a flexible display that folds around the device providing one big display. This way, the phone is much thinner compared to the Galaxy Fold and it has a much bigger display in both tablet and phone modes.


The second foldable phone will be similar to the upcoming Motorola RAZR, the screen of which folds over its inner (longer) edge, giving us a smaller secondary display on the outside. These new foldable phones should come to the market in 2020.


Aside from this, the company's working on improving the durability of the Galaxy Fold's display, because of the crease that shows up on the inside after the phone is bent around 10.000 times. They are also considering the possibility to replace the display for free once this happens, however, we'll still see what exactly will happen after the phone is released. As we've said, the Galaxy Fold will, for now, be available only to people who have enough money buy a premium device of this sort.