• Monday, June 17, 2019

Galaxy F to have triple camera setup

Samsung is about to launch their game changing smartphone – the Galaxy F – sometime in H1 2019. For now we do know some details about it, but as the lauch date draws near, we know more and more details about the upcoming flagship. 

Latest rumors from ETNews suggest that the new phone will have a triple camera setup on the "back". This setup will be similar to the one on the Galaxy A7, a dual camera paired with a super-wide sensor, however, we can expect the camera on the Galaxy F to be of much highest quality.


The Galaxy F will come with the latest version of Bixby 3.0. It will have a 4.6" display when folded and a 7.3" display when in full use. Apart from this we don't know many details about this upcoming phone. We can safely assume though that it will come with 5G connectivity and that it will be expensive.