• Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Galaxy Fold shows up in new video

One of the still most-expected phones is definitely the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first flexible phone from the Korean brand. Information about this phone are not well known, because after being presented at the MWC, it was locked in a glass case and no one could reach it.

Folding model will reach the end customers on April 26th, and Samsung has promised to make the real event a few weeks earlier, so we could soon see this phone in its true look.

Even if Samsung strictly keeps track of information about this phone, one copy came online on the video. Earlier, we could see an official video that lasted 4 minutes, but there were no wrinkles on the phone where the screen bends.

They are nevertheless visible on this video clip, which is rumored to have been recorded in Vietnam, where Samsung manufactures and tests its smart devices.

This new category of device that folds, and also provides new features that we had not seen before on a smartphone (if you have not heard it yet) is not really cheap. Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold at the official price of $ 1980, and in Europe it will also cost the same, only in euros.

5G version of this phone is also announced, what could only increase the already abnormal price, which we will discuss some other time.