• Thursday, May 23, 2019

Galaxy S10+ screen protector reveals design of front panel

Previously we've seen some renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10+. These were leaked renders that and even the person who posted them had some doubts about them, but now it seems that the design they they showed is here to stay.


However, there rumors have now been confirmed as now we can see full fledged protective glass that will shield the front panel of the Galaxy S10+. This essentially proves that the phone will have a double front facing camera setup, and due to it there will be quite a lot of unused space on the top of the front panel.


Judging by these photos, the new Galaxy S10+ will look quite good, with a thinner chin and top bezel compared to the S9. Also, the S10, the smaller version, will only have one front facing camera sensor, albeit again in the O cutout, but still, more real estate on the front will be usable.


This phone might be a herald of what exactly we can expect in 2019 in terms of design. Love it or not, the Infinity O is, it seems, here to stay.