• Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Here’s the first update to the Galaxy Buds

Samsung's new Bluetooth wireless headphones are still fresh on the shelves. The headphones, that many users have received together with the Galaxy S10, will have an even better connection now due to a new update.

This update also fixes a big issue that these headphones had. Before the update, the headphones battery percentage wasn't displayed correctly, and that's fixed. Next to this, the update will secure and even better Bluetooth connection. Some users have even complained about the ambiance noise function because they're not completely isolated from the surroundings. However, this error will now also be removed.


The update comes as a software version R170XXU0ACS4 through the Galaxy Wearable application in a package of only 1.32MB.

How to update the Galaxy Buds?

In order to even receive the notification about the update, you have to start the Galaxy Wearable application on your phone. Next, select "More about the headphones" and then "Update", and at the end press the "Download and install" button. In case this update still hasn't arrived, try again after a short time.