• Thursday, May 23, 2019

Huawei keeps the offensive going

A company that closely follows the trends in tech development and delivers them to the market as soon as possible tends to deliver devices high in value that cost less compared to Apple or Samsung. Even though Samsung was the first to start the trend of Infinity O displays, we now see Huawei trying to be the first to implement such a design into their smartphone as soon as next month.

Confirmation of this comes from their Weibo account where they have placed a photo of a new, secret device, on top of which a hole on top of the display is clearly visible. It most probably houses the front facing camera sensor. We shouldn't be surprised that Huawei is keeping up with the trends, but we are surprised by the speed at which they're doing so.


Due to this move by Huawei, Samsung might perhaps speed up the production and finalization of their own Infinity O display and try to retain the title of the first manufacturer to have such design.