• Thursday, June 27, 2019

Leagoo S10 – in display fingerprint reader

New device from Leagoo , the S10, comes packed with features for only a fraction of the price of the flagship devices. Some of these features are quite standard nowadays – notch, slim bezels, sleek design, flashy colors etc. while others are quite futuristic. The S10 comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner!

This is genuinely a gorgeous device, with all the bells and whistles that Android devices have to offer. Glass body is not there only for the looks since this device comes with wireless charging. MediaTek Helio P60 is the powerhouse behind this beast, and it enables the S10 to truly be a cutting edge device since it is very strong, power efficient, provides advanced AI and has quite a few of the latest connectivity options. 

The thing we are, however, most excited about is the fingerprint scanner built into the display of the device. This feature is definitely something that even much bigger smartphone manufacturers cannot boast with. Leagoo is therefore one of the leaders in this area, and this will, alongside the price tag of only $300 be the biggest selling point of the S10.