• Thursday, September 05, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A90 new leaks and rumors

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy A90 will have a camera mounted on a pop-up mechanism. However, new 3D renders show something really unusual. The new Galaxy phone will have a slider design that raises a dual camera setup. This setup then rotates and serves the selfie shooter as well. Take a look yourself at the render, and see what it may look like.

Apart from the camera, which is surely the star of this phone, it will come with some neat specs. It will be a true mid-ranger powered by a Snapdragon 7150 chipset. This chipset is the successor to the SD710, which itself is a capable chip. The Samsung Galaxy A90 will come with a 6.7″ FullHD+ OLED screen. This screen will double as a speaker, and it will probably be something similar to what Vivo has done with the Nex S. The piezoelectric technology eliminates the need for a speaker, which allows for more room for the screen.

Three cameras will find their way into this weird setup. The main sensor will have 48MP resolution, the secondary will come with 8MP while the third camera will be ToF sensor. The Galaxy A90 will come with a 3.700 mAh battery and it will support 25W fast charging system.

All this information is still just speculation. Nothing here is confirmed, so there’s a possibility that things will change. However, we believe that most things from this list will end up being implemented into the A90. If it turns out true, we’re sure that this phone will be a good one.