• Saturday, August 24, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold screen shows its weakness

Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first smartphone with a flexible screen, and from the very day that it is announced, there are ongoing discussions about how much its screen will actually be durable and resistant to damage.

Just a few days ago, Samsung sent Galaxy Fold samples to certain media, and today some of them have met with the first problems. Some users reported that their screens started blinking and stopped working in some areas, while others said that the screens were deformed or even broken in some places.


One of the users says that after had removed the protective film, all the problems emerged. Samsung has stated that this was, in fact, not something that should be removed from the Galaxy Fold. That is the protective layer that protects the screen from various external forces.


On the other hand, the question arises as to why such an essential part of the screen is placed in a way that users think that it is just a protective film. Fortunately, if one can say so, these are only test samples, so it is quite possible that this is why the screens have shown their weaknesses.

Samsung reacted almost immediately and said that it would examine each of these devices in detail, in order to determine what the main problem is and how it can be fixed. In addition, they said they would do their best to make clear to their customers that the protective layer, which is also part of the screen structure and designed to protect the screen, does not and should not come off.

We hope that the company will soon solve the problem and, of course, inform all users and potential customers about it. After all, it may still be better for this problem to happen now, and not when the device comes to the market.