• Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note10 price leaked

With the August release date approaching, it is no surprise that rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 are coming up. The last one so far deals with the pricing. The source claims that, allegedly, the phone will come at $1.100 – $1.200.

We also know that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come in several versions, but the source doesn’t clarify which version will come with this price. We assume that this won’t be the high-end 5G model, but rather the baseline Note10. This pricing will make room for the Note10e, a smaller phone that will miss out of some of the top-end features.

Interestingly, the source also talks about the punch hole camera. Samsung has found a way to bezel around the camera and has made it even more discreet. So expect a smaller hole than on the Galaxy S10-series. And as far as availability is concerned, we should expect it to arrive in later in August with an announcement earlier in the month.