• Thursday, September 05, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro to come with 25W fast charging

We know that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come in several different versions. One of them, supposedly the most expensive one, was rumored to come with 45W fast charging, however, a new report claims that it will come with standard Samsung’s 25W fast charging.

The name of the Galaxy Note10 Pro has been mentioned quite a lot recently. Most probably, it will come with several additional features compared to the vanilla Samsung Galaxy Note10. Fast charging was reported to be one of them, however, it seems that it won’t be the case. Even the Pro version will come with a 25W charger.

The source also adds that the 45W charging tech will find its way to the Galaxy A90 instead. This appears to be in line with Samsung’s strategy of reserving some new features for its mid-range Galaxy A-series first. And although 25W charging won’t be the fastest one around, it’s still a big step over the Galaxy Note9‘s archaic 15W charging tech.