• Thursday, June 27, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S8 to get new features soon

Within the next few days, new firmware update will be available for Samsung Galaxy S8 line, and a great news is that, apart from security patches, we'll get some changes in the camera interace as well! Super Slow Motion will now be supported by the S8, and it includes 720p videos at 480fps.


This update was last week pushed to Note8 devices, as at the moments it's being pushed to the European S8 phones powered by the Exynos chipset. Next to the this, another new thing will be AR emoticons. This is a heavy update, 533GB, and when you see the notification for it, make sure to put the phone on charger and turn the wi-fi on! Version G950FXXU4CRI5 is an OTA update, and as such it won't appear on your device immediately, rather in the next couple of days.