• Monday, June 17, 2019

Samsung pitched foldable phone to customers at CES 2019

Las Vegas is hosting another CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event, and although it may not be that interesting in terms of unveiled smartphones, we still believe that some things did happen. Namely, Samsung presented a closed, select audience their new foldable phone.

Korean media report that the phone is still not ready for the market – one of the company's executives said that the phone looks flat when unfolded, however if you try to fold it, the phone will break, so the prototype that that the company showcased left a crease mark when used single-handedly. Before the official release these issues will be fixed, said the executive.


Samsung plans to officially release the foldable phone in H1 2019, but they will only manufacture 1 million units. This means that this will be an exclusive phone which will be hard to acquire. Apart from being produced in so few units, availablility will also be limited only to customers with somewhat deeper pockets – the phone is set to cost around KRW1.5 million, which translates to just below 1170 euros.