• Sunday, May 26, 2019

Samsung’s new goal is to create a smartphone with a built-in camera under the screen

On today's smartphones we can see that many brands have shown great interest in Infinity-O design, i.e. a circle-shaped outline for the camera. This design removes the need for a cutout or a thick frame at the top so that users get more impressive displays. However, one hole on the screen is a real problem! We still do not have a phone that is completely covered with the screen without any cuts.

Samsung Electronics said it is developing the perfect 100% smartphone, so that all the sensors and the camera would be pushed under the phone's screen, all in order to create a "perfect" full-screen device.


Yang Byung-duk, vice president of mobile communications research and development, adds that breaking the hole in OLED screens was a very challenging technology. The new Galaxy S10 series of phones is the first to have a hole in the OLED screen, but the hole display is not their final design option, but in any case one valuable achievement in the progress of the screen. Their ultimate goal, as we have said, is to create a smartphone with all the sensors and the front camera under the screen of the smartphone.

Yang also added that the company is considering the development and deployment of the Crystal Sound OLED display in their future devices, where it will make the screen a double speaker. Similar technology was adopted by LG in its latest G8 ThinQ phone.

Although the company did not disclose the exact time period for the arrival of such a device, surely in the next year or two we will see the phone that will come with the screen over the entire device.