• Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Skype updating its messaging app across platforms

Skype messaging app has been the same for quite some time, which made it seem a bit obsolete. The company is about to change this. Microsoft has announced that a new set of features are coming to Skype in the coming days.

The newest update brings message drafts. Messages saved as drafts will be available even when you leave the app and then come back afterwards. Also, Skype will add message bookmarks, which is another important addition in this update. It will allow Skype users to bookmark any message in conversations by simply right-clicking or long-pressing the message and tapping Add bookmark.

Furthermore, now on you’ll be able to preview photos, videos, and files that you want to share before sending them. You can even add a message that will be sent along with the files if you want to write an explanation or description for what you’re sending.

There’s more. You’ll now be able to see an album in the chat history with all the photos combined. You’ll also be able to check them out individually by clicking between the photos or videos in the album.

All the new features announced today will be available on the latest version of Skype across all platforms, so expect to see them soon on your phone.