• Sunday, August 25, 2019

TSMC preparing for production of 5nm chipsets

Taiwanese chipmaker, TSMC, has started risk production of 5nm chips and expects to start mass production in H1 next year. This process promises much smaller chips (up to 45% area reduction), as well as performance gains (up to 15%) compared to the current 7nm chipsets. That’s ignoring improvements in architecture, of course, which will make the gains even bigger.

For chipsets coming out later this year, TSMC has the 7nm+ process ready. It should reduce power consumption by 6-12% and offer 20% higher transistor density compared to the current 7nm process.

There are plenty of customers lined up for 7nm+. TSMC is Apple’s sole chip supplier until 2020 and there are new iPhones coming out later this year. Qualcomm will likely pick TSMC for the new premium Snapdragons as it used the 7nm process for the 855. Huawei should introduce a new Kirin with the Mate 30 later this year, though it may stick to the current 7nm process instead of going for 7nm+.

TSMC’s next process node, 5nm+, is also in the works. It will start risk production in Q1 next year and will be ready for mass production in 2021. It should improve performance and power numbers, but there are no official forecasts yet.