• Monday, July 22, 2024

The growth and advancement of Mobile Gaming

It’s very common to our generation nowadays to see people playing games on their phones, we get it, we like to play games on the go, anywhere and anytime because it’s one of the sources of our major sources of entertainment. But it’s amazing how phones evolved to be able to handle and play these kind of games that were supposed to be played on a console and PC. Who knew that such small device that can be fitted inside a pocket can hold so much gaming capability.


Times have changed and that we’re already here experiencing the digital age so we can see that there’s an obvious huge gap back then and today when it comes to technology. Phones have evolved like how videogames continued improving, both are highly successful in today's market and industry. For this, we have to rewind back in time to see where it all started.

Back in the 1980’s, synthwaves were the jam, young folks carrying boombox over their shoulders, and the Internet was still at its infancy period. The most popular known phone brands weren’t Samsung or Apple but Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. Most phone OS that time were Java based while Android and iOS were non existent until around 2007-2008. The early phones were heavy but durable and long lasting but doesn’t offer much entertainment aside from texting and calling unlike today’s phones.

Another entertainment of earlier phones were games, mobile games popular that time were snakes and space impact. Those games were simple, pixelated uncoloured graphics and nothing shiny. Unfortunately, the rise of smartphones means that better games with quality can run on it due to having equipped with better specs, it was also the downfall of these classic games, they were replaced by newer ones such as Clash of Clans, Mobile Legends, and Temple Run.

Recently, mobile gaming have improved over the years with the rise of Android and iOS and a variety of apps can be easily accessed and downloaded on either Google Play store and Apple store. The rise of WiFi connections on smartphones allowed mobile games to be played online and multiplayer. Such features on mobile games allowed mobile gaming community to thrive on leading to a mobile gaming industry. With the rise of smartphones, various quality games with different genre can be played such as Shooters, Adventure, and Arcade, you name it and it’s likely to be available.

Mobile gaming is still improving to this day, with the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality, the possibilities are endless.