• Monday, July 22, 2024

Top advice to make your smartphone consistently fast

We all want our phones to run consistently fast and we understand that but unfortunately as times passes by, our smartphone begins to slow down and it’s a very frustrating experience especially when you invest a hundred of bucks for a smartphone and you expect its performance to do you well for a long term. But we need to face the fact that smartphones also need maintenance just like how we maintain our office workspace.

I have covered some tips and advices on how to free up your phone’s storage here which also helps making your phone run slightly fast but on this topic we’ll focus on how to make your Android smartphone’s performance fast which will hopefully satisfy you. Without further ado let’s start:

Throw all the unused apps away and just keep the ones you always use


You may already have saw this advice on my “Freeing up your phone storage” blog but really, unused apps will pile up and clog down your phone’s storage which ends up being heavy for your phone. Uninstalling the apps that you don’t even use will really improve and help your phone’s performance and giving it some space to breath.

Being up to date on the new updates

Your phone is expected to receive software updates during over the course of its lifetime to stay on track. The updates are often received via OTA (Over the Air) or manually installed which includes patches ranging from bug to serious critical issues and general improvements to make your phone fast, healthy, and up to date.

Memory Cleanup/Restarting your phone

When you’re using some apps or browsing some websites, your phone downloads temporary files and leaves some apps running on the background and if you’ve been using your phone everyday without restarting or shutting it down then chances are those temporary files and unwanted apps also piles up and clogs up your phone’s RAM

There are two ways to handle this:
1) You either restart your phone
2) Save yourself the hassle of turning your phone off and get a Memory cleaning app like Clean Master

Deleting cache

Some apps like facebook uses cache which is helpful and makes your browsing time efficient by storing images and data however too much cache can also clog up your smartphone slowing its performance further down. Deleting cache is a good way to let your phone have more breathing space and at the same time let the apps recover new datas from the start.

Using lightweight version of available apps

Some heavy apps have lite version of themselves that uses less RAM unlike their full version while retaining some similar features from the full version. Lite apps helps your phone run fast because they don’t consume much RAM, they were originally introduce for entry level smartphones but became popular for their roles on being friendly on the memory. There have been quite lot of lite versions of some apps released like Youtube Go, Facebook Lite, and Messenger Lite.