• Thursday, September 05, 2019

Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode will look like this

Earlier this month, 9to5Google reported about new features that will come with a new update. It will enable a new interface for Pixel devices while wirelessly charging on a Pixel Stand which debuted with the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL last year. The latest news on the update is that some of the screens and elements were successfully enabled, which is how we have an insight into how the mode will work.

As tested by 9to5Google, the clock sits in the upper left corner and displays the weather directly across from it. At the bottom, there is the Google Assistant logo, which essentially reminds that you could use voice commands at any time. The color of the background isn’t exactly black, but rather a gradient dark color that changes with the time of day.

This next interface is believed to be a secondary one, offering suggested commands and music controls via touch. The music controls widget prompts users to set the default music provider and suggests that you ask the Assistant to “play music” or “tap here”.

The widgets that follow the music controls are contextual and based on the Google app’s ‘Updates’ tab. They are listed in long pill-shaped buttons you can simply tap or ask Google via voice.

This mode is still prone to changes as it’s under development, but we have a good idea of its functions and features. Ambient Mode is meant to replace the Pixel Stand’s current and basic interface.