• Sunday, September 08, 2019

Google Pixel 4 photos show new phone’s design features

The Google Pixel 4 family is expected to be launched in October. This hasn’t stopped the leaks from going out though. Today, we see three shots of the supposed Pixel 4.

Keep in mind that the device in the photos is placed inside a case that is designed specifically to cover as much of the design as possible. Anyway, what we can see immediately is an oval punch-hole cutout that will house two camera sensors. Also, the bezels around the screen are virtually non-existent, in contrast to what we could see in previous Pixel devices.


The smaller bottom bezel means that there won’t be the front-facing speaker in the Google Pixel 4, but rather a bottom facing one. If you take a look at the third photo, you’ll see that the new phone is placed next to what seems to be the Pixel 2XL. Their size seems to be fairly similar, which leads us to believe that the phone we’re looking at here might, in fact, be the Pixel 4XL.

Google has, apparently, employed three separate design teams working on Pixel 4 and 4XL. The management will, apparently, pick one design at the end and go with it. This is Google’s way of putting an end to poor design solutions, such as an enormous notch or a thick chin.