• Sunday, August 25, 2019

Google to let users choose default search engine and browser

After Google was fined €4.3 billion by the European Commission over unfair practices, they are now fixing this issue by offering EU users alternative search engines and browser apps through Google Play. In a blog post, Google’s Product Management Director, Paul Gennai revealed that from now on after updates you will see the new app recommendations screen when opening the Play Store.

From that screen, you will have the choice to directly install the recommended apps. You will also be guided through the setup procedure, and you’ll be able to set the new search engine or browser as default. The company states that the recommended apps will be shown based on their popularity in a given region. Also, they will appear in random order so that they can be as fair as possible. From the provided illustrations on the blog post, we can see that search engines include Qwant and DuckDuck Go while browser recommendations feature Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Puffin Web Browser.

EU legislators have accused Google of forcing phone manufacturers to preinstall Google apps like Search and Chrome on Android devices.  The tech giant claims that phone makers could choose what apps they want on their phones, however, manufacturers did not have an option to preinstall an individual Google app like Maps without installing all Google apps, Search and Chrome included.

App recommendations will start appearing on all Android devices in the coming weeks across Europe.