• Friday, September 06, 2019

Huawei’s smart glasses won’t have a camera

At the event in Paris, Huawei reported that they're working on luxury smart glasses together with a Korean company called Gentle Monster. These glasses will be nothing alike the Google Glass or Snap Spectacles because they will not have a camera built in. They'll, in turn, have a regular, more traditional design which even looks fashionable.

You might be wondering what's Huawei doing differently compared to other companies which have tried to build such a device and failed. Frankly, we still don't know too many details about the glasses to shed more light on the enigma, however, we do know that they will have a 2.200 mAh battery as well as wireless charging and a voice assistant built-in. 

Apart from only serving the purpose of regular glasses, they will have some additional features like directional mics and speakers. You'll be able to answer calls by tapping the arms of the glasses. Also, they will be protected by the IP67 water and dust resistance certificate and they'll wirelessly connect to your other smart devices through either NFC or Bluetooth.