• Thursday, September 05, 2019

OnePlus 7 Pro will be most expensive OnePlus so far

The new OnePlus series of phones, which includes standard OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7 Pro 5G will be unveiled on May 14, at four locations around the world. Like the previous few years, the event will be open to all OnePlus fans who buy tickets for the price of 18 euros.

In a recently released video, where Pete Lau, the CEO of the company was a guest, he said that the company will set a new standard for mobile displays. It promises a quick and smooth experience. This is all about the 90 Hz refresh rate of the display, which is 30 Hz more compared to what most smartphone phones currently offer. Of course, only the Pro model would have such a display. A 90 Hz screen on a smartphone that is not focused on gaming is an incredible addition. Lau explained that OnePlus in the new series uses three times more expensive panels compared to the previous models, which is why the expectations are immediately much higher, but of course, it is more expensive.

The baseline OnePlus 7 does not have the same design as the Pro model, therefore it does not have a triple rear camera setup, no pop-up front selfie camera, and it comes with a slightly smaller screen and a smaller battery capacity.

Aside from this, the new OnePlus series will be launched in three new color gradients, Mirror Grey, Almond and Nebula Blue

As for the cost of the device, it is expected that the standard OnePlus 7 will come at a very similar price as last year’s 6T. However, for Pro and Pro 5G variants you will have to extract a little more money. According to the reports, the 8/256GB  version will be sold at a price of 750 euros, while the version with 12GB of RAM will cost 820 euros. We know that OnePlus devices with their leading specifications always justify their high price, so we’ll see if that will be the case now.