• Friday, September 06, 2019

Oppo to reveal new phone on Shanghai MWC event

Chinese company Oppo has been teasing its under-display camera for about three weeks now. It seems that the company might be ready to show a prototype of the technology soon. The company shared a promo video, reminding everyone that the launch will take place on June 26 at MWC Shanghai 2019.

This short 15-second video reveals the design of the smartphone as well, which appears to have a huge screen-to-body ratio.

From a previously released teaser, we could see that the front-facing camera can take pictures. When it is turned off, the screen over it continues to work as usual. There’s also the occasional circular ring around the camera to remind you where you should look at since it is hidden in the black bars of the Camera app.

Oppo is expected to demo the prototype at the MWC Shanghai 2019.