• Thursday, September 05, 2019

Oppo presents Waterfall screen with curved edges

Oppo is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to innovation. Recently, they have unveiled their in-display camera technology. Now the company is revealing a new display technology that aims to push the screen-to-body ration closer to 100%. The new Waterfall screen will come with 88- degree curved edges and no buttons on the sides.

These images were shared by Brian Shen, Oppo’s VP, on his personal Weibo profile. Minutes later, gifs and videos emerged all around social media. Here’s what the new phone will look like hands-on.

The new screen is narrower than the panel on the Oppo Find X, but sadly, we don’t see the back of the device.

We might see an actual phone with the new Waterfall screen next year. This will be yet another step forward for the company that introduced the under-display camera and the elevating mechanism on the Oppo Find X.