• Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Apple lets independent shops fix broken iPhones

Apple unexpectedly announced that it will finally let independent repair shops fix iPhones that are out of warranty. This is part of the Independent Repair Provider Program. Apple will basically provide parts, tools, and training to shops that want to work with original Apple hardware.

For now, the program is available only in North America. It will expand, though, to other regions in Europe and Asia in the near future. Out of warranty repairs are limited mostly to breaks like the front or back glass panels, cracked camera lenses, etc. It’s still a significant win for customers as they will have more choice in terms of where to repair their handsets.

Independent businesses can now apply for the program for free and will be provided with the needed tools and training with the latter being available online. When the said repair shop is approved, it will have access to the same genuine Apple parts as the authorized resellers at the same price.