• Tuesday, June 28, 2022

iPhone 11 event happening on September 10

Apple released the iOS 13 beta 7 to the registered developers today. In the code, a huge clue was found as to when Apple will release the new iPhone 11.

As can see in the image below, the iOS screenshot shows the date of Tuesday, September 10. The name of the image “HoldForRelease”, which almost eliminates any doubts sort. Apple has done this before. Last year, the same asset was found in the code and back then, the date was set on September 12, exactly the date when Apple held its iPhone XS event.

It is hardly unexpected that the launch will happen on September 10. If the company ends up following its own footsteps, we can expect pre-orders to start September 13. The actual release date should be September 20. The same asset also provides information about the release date of the iOS 13. It might come out on September 23.

This is still not set in stone. We still don’t have any official information, and this is just speculation. On the other hand, the company could have anticipated this getting out, and if so is probably just looking to up the hype for the iPhone 11 series.