• Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Huawei signed to build Russia’s 5G network

Chinese president Xi Jinping is currently an official guest of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The two presidents have met in Moscow in order to celebrate 70 years of successful trade relations between the two countries. In order to even further deepen the bonds, Huawei has signed a deal with the Russian carrier MTS to build its 5G network.

Huawei executive Guo Ping signed the deal on behalf on Huawei, while Alexei Kornya, president and CEO of MTS was on the other side. The two signed this document in front of the two country presidents. Although it might look like a regular deal for some, it is clearly a declaration of partnership between China and Russia in a time when the United States is trying to ban the Shenzhen company across the globe.

According to CNN, Russia doesn’t share American concerns about security and appears undeterred by the potential disruption to Huawei’s supply chain. RIA Novosti quoted Guo Ping saying that “the fact that the ceremony was attended by both presidents proves how important technology partnerships are for Russia and China. MTS confirmed pilot 5G networks are scheduled to start this year, with further development in 2020.