• Thursday, May 23, 2019

LG keeps on experimenting with new devices

Choosing and buying a phone may be a tough task, because technology is developing very quickly and some companies literally compete in order to bring something new to the market before the competition.

According to the latest reports, it seems that we'll soon forget double or even triple camera setups, since LG plans to patent rear camera setup with, believe it or not, 16 camera senors that will record photos from different perspectives. This setup will even be capable of simulation motion in a photo.

As it's revealed in the patent, the lenses are placed in such a way that you can record photos from different angles, and you'll be able to use only one of 16 sensor to take the photos. Users will also be offered a choice to select only one photo out of the whole selection. Further on, it'll be possible to cut out a part of an image and you'll be able to replace that part with the same part recorded by a different sensor. This method can be used to combine several parts of an image into one.

The rear camera setup, apart from already mentioned, comes with a flash and a mirror that will let users take selfies with the main camera. This patent also mentions several other things such as the addition of a touchpad and speakers on the back side of the phone.

Although we know that camera is one of the focus points of a smartphone today, we don't know which way the technology will develop and what exactly it will be that will leave us breathless year after year.