• Friday, September 06, 2019

Microsoft Andromeda to come in 2019

A few months ago we heard that Microsoft was developing their own foldable phone, but news about it somehow died out. Now, according to a book that emerged on Amazon called "Beneath a Surface", it is said that the company is going to release such a phone in 2019. Also, it provides a sneak-a-peek into what such a device will be capable of.


Mainly, this will be a tablet which will act as a phone when folded. We were happy to learn that Microsoft chose not to go with the Microsoft Phone OS, but instead opted for the full fledged Windows OS.

Some other devices that the company's planning to launch in 2019 include a new Xbox One, Surface laptop (now with AMD chipsets instead of Intel), new Surface Studio and another tablet which will be a direct iPad Pro competitor.