• Thursday, May 23, 2019

New Huawei Infinity O concept

We know that Samsung was the first to start the trend of Infinity O display, and we thought that they would be the first to produce such a phone at the beginning of next year. However, it now seems that Huawei could be the first company to release the phone with this technology.

Huawei has already showed an image of their mysterious new device, where a hole in the display that houses the camera sensor is clearly visible. New images leaked today showing Huawei Nova 4 in the real world.

This new device was breafly demonstrated during a concert by a Chinese singer Jackson Yee, where only the frontal panel of the phone has been flashed, but the O notch was clearly visible. The back of this phone as well as other specifications are still unknown. Whether Huawei will implement their new Kirin 980 into the Nova 4 is still to be seen.

Earlier, Huawei reported that they would launch the Nova 4 on December 4, so if this information is true we should have an official release very soon.