• Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Pocophone F2 and Pocophone F2 Pro coming?

The Redmi K20 Pro will, allegedly, be rebranded as the Pocophone F2 Pro while the vanilla K20 will be named Pocophone F2. This also means that the phones will be called Poco F2 and Poco F2 Pro in India. The source also claims that both phones will retain their amazing price tags.

Redmi K20 series has already come out in China, and it’s time for Xiaomi’s sub-brand to focus on the international market. Laters rumors, though, seem to suggest that in some countries, the handsets won’t come out under the Redmi brand at all.

To further complicate things Xiaomi just teased the arrival of a new member to the Mi 9 family with a pop-up selfie camera, much like the K20 and K20 Pro. It could very well be the Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro that leaked the other day from a Polish source.

To sum things up, while in their original launch the K20 and K20 Pro were Redmi phones, they will carry Xiaomi’s brand and in some markets, and be branded as Pocophone/Poco elsewhere. It remains to be seen which markets will get which versions. One thing is for sure, though, the hardware will be the same and the price tag will be tempting.