• Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Qualcomm says that this year we can expect phones with 64 and 100MP cameras

Qualcomm recently updated the specifications for some of the main Snapdragon processors, including Snapdragon 855/854/710/675 and 670. The updated specifications state that the Spectra ISP in these processors is capable of supporting one 192-megapixel camera.

Although there are currently no 192MP sensors for smartphones on the market, there is a possibility that such a sensor will enter the market and that smartphone manufacturers will introduce a special mode that will allow 192MP image recording with some AI function. If Samsung or Sony develop 192MP resolution sensor, any phone running Qualcomm Snapdragon could support such a high resolution capacity.

Qualcomm says the ISP in Snapdragon chipsets has always been able to capture 192-megapixel resolution images, but the SoC is limited to 30 or 60 frames per second for easier and better user experience.

Qualcomm's Camera Product Management Director Judd Heape said that this year we will see smartphones with 64-megapixel sensors and even phones with 100-megapixel sensors. He adds that there is a very big interest among brands for launching phones with more megapixels, i.e. higher resolution. This interest exists, but we still do not know which company will make first move so this trend goes forward.

Judd also said that with the new leading Snapdragon 865 chipset, support for HDR10 video recording will be added.