• Friday, September 13, 2019

USA warns their allies about danger of using Huawei phones

Even though Huawei is officially the second biggest smartphone manufacturer and even though their devices are available all around the world, their plans to reach the top of the smartphone game may be shaken a little.

American intelligence agencies claim that Huawei is included in mass espionage. They believe that Huawei has connections with the Chinese government and that they are secretly spying on their customers. Current head of the FBI, Christopher Wray said that Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, had joined the People’s Liberation Army’s research institute upon finishing high school. According to him, this is a problem since it gives the tech giant a lot of control and spying opportunity.


In a commentary answering these claims, Huawei reported that they are aware of a number of activities with which the USA are trying to hinder their business on the American market. They have denied claims regarding espionage because, as they say themselves, they need to pass strict test protocols in order to be approved for sales, and that they stick to the highest business standards.