• Wednesday, April 24, 2019

World’s first foldable phone – FlexPai is here

Every once in a while we are reminded that not only giants but also smaller tech companies join in the race to the various world firsts. One such company is Rouyu Technology, and they have not only joined in, but won the race to the world's first foldable display.

When unfolded, the FlexPai is essentially a tablet with a 7.8" AMOLED display. When folded, the display size drops down to 4", which is a muc nicer fit in the hand. Also, this device is a first to have a 7nm Snapdragon chipset – the Snapdragon 8150.

Once the phone is folded, only half of the display is used, and you get to choose what half you want to use. Camera segment of this phone has a double camera setup (16 + 20 MP). This new phone is not exactly beautiful – it's 15.2mm thick when folded, and 7.6mm when in tablet mode. Also it is rated at 200000 folds. 


The phone is powered by a 7nm chipset by Qualcomm – the Snapdragon 8150. It is paired with, at the baseline, 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage, but it also come in 8/256GB and 8/512GB versions. Pricing wise, this phone is not exactly cheap, as it costs aroud €1,135. However, taking into account all the new tech it brings, it may not be too much after all.