• Sunday, August 25, 2019

2020 iPhone’s will boast 5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 inch screens

2020 iPhone's new screen sizes

2020 iPhone’s are going to have new screens!

According to the rumors originating from Apple itself, in 2020, we should see three new iPhones, with OLED screens. These new model should also have a 3 primary cameras!

The smallest, compact model could have a 5.42-inch screen, while the XS model will feature a 6.06-inch panel. The largest new generation phone will also boast a 6.67-inch screen. We do not expect the size of these devices to increase, as the screens in additional will expand on the even larger surface of the phone’s edges.

New iPhone to have 3 cameras on the back

New iPhone to have 3 cameras on the back

There were rumors earlier that Apple should introduce three new phones with OLED displays this year, but it is probably not ready for this step. The entire OLED series will be available in 2020, which means that this year we should see another “lite” model like the iPhone XR, of course with the LCD screen.

In September this year, we should see the iPhone 11, and we are expected to meet with a brand-new Apple design in 2020 iPhone’s. US company was not perfectly precise with its “S” years in which we see a new design, because in the transition from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8 brand new iPhone X was introduced, so we do not know what could happen this year.