• Saturday, August 24, 2019

Apple to add many new features into iOS 13

Apple will showcase iOS 13 at its yearly developer conference this June. Today, however, many features of the new system have been leaked.

A system-wide dark mode will arrive on iPhones and iPads, and users will be able to turn in off through the Settings. It will include a high contrast version, similar to what’s available in macOS. Also, iPad apps that run on a Mac through Marzipan will be able to take advantage of the dark mode on both systems.

Many changes in the iOS 13 will focus on the iPad, including the ability for apps to have multiple windows. Each one will contain sheets that are initially pinned to one area of the screen. These can be detached with a drag gesture, which makes them mobile so you can move them around. The cards stack and use a depth effect to indicate which are on top.

Safari on the iPad is also getting and improvement. It will now automatically ask for a desktop version of a website when necessary.

The system will also receive an undo option. You’ll be able to swipe with three fingers in the keyboard area – left to undo, right to redo. There will be a tutorial that showcases this feature the first time you use the keyboard after you get the update.

The Mail app is also receiving a neat upgrade. It will, now on, organize messages into categories such as marketing, purchases, travel, and “not important”. You’ll also get a “read later” queue.

There’s no doubt that we will receive even more new features in iOS 13. Once again, all this, and much more will come June 3, when Apple will host their event.