• Saturday, August 24, 2019

Apple joins Notre Dame rebuilding process


On Monday night the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris caught on fire. The building has suffered major damage to its roof and now when the fire is extinguished many companies from around the world pledge to donate millions to restore it. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, also said in a Tweet that the company will help finance the rebuilding efforts.


He did not say how much Apple plans to donate and if it has anything to do with money at all. Apple could also provide non-monetary help such as 3D mapping. Its engineers who have been working on improving Apple Maps could be a welcome addition in the rebuilding process. So far, over 600 million € was gathered, and most of the money came from French companies like L’Oreal, Total. Owners of brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSL as well as a bunch of smaller companies contributed significantly.

Even though the company still hasn’t confirmed Cook’s statement, we believe it will happen. Apple will then become the first major non-French organization to join the restoration process. Cupertino company actually boasted about its “culture of giving” earlier this year. During 2018, the company matched every donation made by its employees. The sum reached $125 million that eventually went to organizations all over the world.