• Sunday, August 25, 2019

Apple to announce big software updates at WWDC

This year at WWDC we might see Apple make some big new announcements. We can expect some really nice new changes such as iPad apps working on macOS as well as a system-wide dark mode in iOS.

Starting with iOS – it will have dark mode built in. Ever since they launched the iPhone X – the first iPhone with an OLED panel – users have demanded UI-wide dark mode, and Apple is finally delivering. The company also strives to improve some of its services that are usually handled better by third-party apps like navigation, to-do lists, health, etc.

We will see some major improvements in the Health, Reminders, and Maps apps. Apple will add new features to better compete with alternatives in Apple’s App Store.

App Store will receive an upgrade as well. It should make an appearance on WatchOS too. Users will finally be able to install apps on their Apple Watches without using the phone. They’ll be able to access the App Store directly from the watch.

And as for macOS, it’s expected that the first batch of iPad apps will make their way to Macs meaning you can run some iOS apps on your MacBook.