• Saturday, September 07, 2019

Apple will launch four iPhones in 2020

Apple will try to increase its iPhone sales in 2020 by launching four different models, as revealed in a report by JPMorgan. An analyst expects the American company to release three new OLED phones with 5G connectivity while at least two of them will also have ToF camera.

Apple usually launches new phones in September right in time for the holiday season. In 2019 they will release only three new devices with an unusual but improved, camera setup.

According to the analysis, Apple might be going for the “value” market. This means that they might release a phone with the size of the iPhone 8, but without the 5G modem and at a lower price.

Since Tim Cook is not willing to drop the premium segment, the three expected flagships with OLEDs will have 5.4”, 6.1”, and 6.7” screen sizes. All these upgrades will aim to restore sales numbers, with 195 million expected units to be shipped in 2020, up from the estimated 180 million in 2019.