• Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Image of the next OnePlus photo leaked

After the 6T comes OnePlus 7 – or so it ideally would be if OnePlus haven't decided to mix things up and release a 5G enabled phone prior to the OnePlus 7. An image that leaked recently shows a meeting with Pete Lau, OnePlus CEO attending, where we can see an image of the phone as well as 2 prototypes in two colors – red and white.


As you can see, the design of the new phone, whichever one it may be, will most likely include a huge circular camera setup on the back. This new phone will most likely be released in the Q1 2019, and, if it turns out to be the 5G model, it will most probably only support so called "sub 6GHz band" 5G networks. The new phone will most likely cost an additional $100 to $200 compared to the OnePlus 6T because of the new components needed for 5G. Among other things that will be the brand new Snadpragon 855 chipset wil the X50 modem built in. The Snapdragon 855 will be the main chipset in many flagships of 2019, but with the more standard 4G X24 built in